COVID -19 & Border Controls

UK Government has announced different border control measures for goods and services coming through the borders.

GetMyParcel has been supporting few Businesses to bring PPE and Medical equipment from China and other countries. #ImportMedicalEquiments #ImportPPE

The Key guidance that stands out from the government website is –

Link Reference:

The specific message that stands out w.r.t medical equipment is –

In addition, last week, the Treasury announced that it was waiving import taxes on medical equipment crucial to the fight against coronavirus – reducing red tape to ensure equipment gets to frontline health workers faster.

This is valid as of the time of writing and might change as the circumstances change further.

At the same time, it is to be noted that – all shipments remain subject to the same controls including checks against illegal immigration, prohibited and restricted items and revenue fraud. There are no exceptions around these.

The medical equipment and PPE that are to be imported into UK and Europe were have always mandated CE certifications, while importers also prefer FDA approvals for most of the equipment.

While there are many companies in China which claim to have CE and FDA approvals, it is to be noted that these manufacturers might not  be CE certified, but are following CE manufacturing guidelines.

Similarly, companies importing KN95 masks is different from N95 masks, whcih are manufactured primarily in USA and Australia.

Do connect with for more information on these imports and handling logistics for the same


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