eCommerce Business Challenges – Logistics

Are you a eCommerce Business Owner ?

Well, one of the  biggest challenges for eCommerce Businesses is to service orders, of which logistics forms the one with most headache. The more the number of Orders, the more the complexity of picking up the items from warehouses, managing stock / inventory, booking order with logistics partners and finally tracking each individual parcel – and is exhausting. Let alone, sourcing from supplier which eats up a chunk of the day time.

As the number of orders pile up (which is the best outcome of your hours spent on SEO) , the logistics get more and more complex.

In this never ending cycle, you, as the eCommerce Business Owner miss one very important thing, to optimize the cost of logistics.

To make life simple, almost all of them just stick with one logistics partner, which is one of the most inefficient way of handing logistics, and pay very high prices, while there are so many other options out there, which could be far more cheaper and efficient.

The sheer hardwork of getting multiple quotes for each orders is quite impossible to deal with and thats what makes the business owner to ignore this problem and absorb the cost, while in reality they dont have to do that.

Well, it doesnt have to be like this ….

More and more eCommerce businesses are now choosing to be more smarter. There are innovative services provided by, which integrate seamlessly with eCommerce platforms, and so the very moment an order is created by a buyer (someone purchasing from your site), a logistics order will be ready for your purusal – yes almost in the same instant as the customer has made the payment.

Some Technology – eh !!


You simply have to login to the business portal, and you get to choose from – multiple logistics vendors – in a single screen, showing their rates and its as simple as selecting the logistics option you want to go with.

This way, the eCommerce business owner, suddenly has access to multiple logistics options and he can choose the cheapest or the fastest, depending upon the clients request / requirements.

The Door to Door – collection and delivery services act brilliantly in support of the eCommerce Business Owner, allowing them to give the best services to your customers, there by increasing customer satisfaction, making them your repeated customers. 

Multiple “Shipping Options” on the eCommerce site , usually just before checkout pages, is another way to allow your users to choose the shipping themsleves (and also pay for it along with the Shopping cart).

Contact – – for more information about this service.

Voila !!


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