eCommerce Business Challenges – Logistics

Are you a eCommerce Business Owner ? Well, one of the  biggest challenges for eCommerce Businesses is to service orders, of which logistics forms the one with most headache. The more the number of Orders, the more the complexity of picking up the items from warehouses, managing stock / inventory, booking order with logistics partners and… Continue reading eCommerce Business Challenges – Logistics

UK Unprecedented Weather Warnings!

Severe weather conditions are continuing to impact ALL Courier and Parcel collection + delivery services today throughout UK. A red weather warning is still in place for Scotland, West of England & Wales, which means there is a risk to life and immediate action should be taken in case of any suspicions about someone. We at keep all our… Continue reading UK Unprecedented Weather Warnings!

Service Disruption in Northern Europe

France – Adverse Weather Conditions Due to heavy snow, there are disruptions in Parcel operations for DPD and few other mail services in eastern and Northern France, particularly in the Paris area where there are a number of road closures. This is mostly applicable to On-Road services. No delays are expected for Air Express services at the… Continue reading Service Disruption in Northern Europe

Emerging Markets outlook 2018

Kuwait-based 3PL Agility has published its “2018 Emerging Markets Logistics Index”. The summary is seen as mostly positive in the report. It says “Despite the political uncertainty which has affected many countries and regions around the world, global economic development has been largely unaffected. ” There is good news for most of the countries and the… Continue reading Emerging Markets outlook 2018

Online shopping & Congested Cities

Online shopping has been skyrocketing and it is very interesting to ask what cities are trying to do about it? With the extremely fast growth of Online sales, this increase is taking it head on with almost all the big retailers worldwide. As per statista, in 2016, global e-retail sales grew 24.6% compared to the previous… Continue reading Online shopping & Congested Cities