Handling Relocation Baggage

Planning to relocate ? Moving your family back to UK ? Moving your family from UK to another country?

No matter why or where you are off to, baggage / luggage handling for relocation can be a tedious experience, especially when this is for the whole family.

Need to outsource this handling so that it reaches to the destination address responsibly and without any hassles? Please read on …

UK is country hosting diverse cultures and people with over 170+ nationalities making this island their home. Blessed with beautiful scenery and landscapes, rich history and cultural diversity and some of the world’s top universities, the United Kingdom has made a remarkable mark on the map of world history. So, no wonder we witness a hike in the number of emigrants to the UK. Be it for educational purpose, holiday trips or business tours.

Well, if you are planning to move with bulky items (anything that exceeds your luggage limit) www.GetMyParcel.com can pick your luggage from home, pack it and drop it off at your desired destination. The perks of this service offered by GetMyParcel.com is of immense aid as it avoids a lot of unnecessary trouble related to moving of luggage. GetMyParcel can relocate your personal baggage irrespective of weight limits.


If you are a British citizen who intends to transfer from a third party country (place of residence) back to the UK, then it is advisable to fill a ToR (Transfer of Residence) form, also known as ToR1. You should also use this form to declare if you wish to import any vehicles or bring any pets to the UK.

You can find the form online on HMRC’s website. Click here to view ToR Form. Download it, sign it and either snail mail it or scan the signed copy and email to the HMRC. Once your application is processed, you will be given a Unique Resource Number (URN), which is to be provided to us, so that we can clear through customs and ensure that your items are timely delivered free of any additional charge.

So, it’s time to say bye to hectic luggage issues and a a hassle-free journey.

Contact http://www.GetMyParcel.com to avail more information on our services.


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