Unwanted Gift sales – How to?

After the long holiday hangover and waiting afresh for the new year, there are many gifts that were left under the tree for most of us. Nearly half of the gifts received nowadays are considered unwanted in one or the other way as they are not what we really wanted or that we will not use for sure.

According to a survey report, there are around millions of pounds worth of gifts which are purchased every year making all our pockets a bit lighter. For those with technology at their fingertips, there is always a way to recoup some of that money. In fact, there are more options than ever.

Some of the many options are :

  • eBay : This is the most famously used platform to sell off the unwanted gifts. The activity in eBay goes immediately after the holiday season and the new activity is mostly unwanted gifts.
  • gumtree : Our age old peer to peer sales platform. Another one where you can post those beautiful tablets or phones to be sold at a eye watering price
  • shpock : another newer and techie rival to gumtree. Well there are many who like this one more than others
  • eBid … the list goes on

Once you have sold them online, then the next step is to send the gift over in a good packaging.

The options for those are :

  • Either you can do it using RoyalMail – where in you have to manually walkin into the nearest post office and stand in queue (or)
  • Get them collected from your door using other services like www.GetMyParcel.com, where you can send the parcels in the comfort of your home or office at similar prices

Finally, its time to give rating to the seller or the buyer to keep this constant and infinite tradition of gift giving.

Waiting for another Holiday Season, Eh!

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